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Never forget. Never, ever forget...where we're going.

Who We Are

Friends and brothers and forever joined at the quip.

Anton Anderson

Anton Anderson is a technology consultant with decades of experience helping business owners make better technology decisions, often as a fractional CTO or CIO. He is the principal of Productivity Consulting, and lately has been working with developer teams across the globe leading initiatives with Kiza Solutions. Anton has a degree in Computer Science and Visual Arts from Dartmouth College. Based in Southern California, when he is not helping translate geek to everyday speak, Anton is an avid cook, a loving husband, and a father of two.

B. Francis Clark

Bernard is an entrepreneur, real estate agent, and very proud father. Bernard graduated from Berkeley and UCLA and remains a lifelong student of Pan-African history and culture. His extensive professional experience includes work with HBO, Warner Brothers, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, National Public Radio, Don Buchwald and Associates, Executive Service Corps, and the National Association of Television Program Executives. Bernard was Editor-in-Chief of Save the Date Magazine, Senior Creative for APPLE, and Program Director for the original, historic BLACKS IN TECHNOLOGY Conference.

"I am the wildest of our ancestors' wildest, wildest dreams."
Yester Morrow

Eyes on the Prize

And we could…go…all…the…way.  Wakanda, here we come!



Paving the Road. Together.


We honor historic and contemporary Pan-African architecture, celebrate practitioners like David Adjaye and Mariam Kamara, and support organizations like NOMA, Colloqate, and the African Futures Institute. Let’s build and rebuild and reimagine how and where we live…


We promote financial literacy, cooperative economics (Ujamaa), and showcase and support visionary entrepreneurs like Laduma Ngxokolo, Sijibomi Ogundele, and Bethlehem Alemu.


We adhere to African and Pan-African design thinking, in all spheres, and champion the intricate folk majesty of quilts, textiles, and interwoven heritage. All hail Hannah Beachler, Ruth E. Carter, and the Black Artists + Designers Guild.

"Worldwide, baby. Worldwide."


We love technology, and live to applaud the forward-thinking genius of coders, programmers, and inventors of African descent. Shout out to our brother, Tage Kene-Okafor at TechCrunch, who is, in fact, that dude.


Africans are the authors of civilization, and we passionately, proactively, and purposely recognize present-day, Pan-African protectors of truth, facts, evidence, and empirical data.  Remember who we are: thinkers, researchers, observers, and discoverers.


We highlight the men and women doing the under appreciated mechanical, industrial, and aeronautical work making both Wakanda, and the road thereto, more than imaginary. Shout out to Black Women in Engineering, and our brothers and sisters at NSBE and Black in Engineering. That’s how we do it.  

"That's fantastic."


Black health matters, and in keeping with the primacy of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, we appreciate ancient, holistic traditions, and applaud the doctors, nurses, counselors, and caregivers tirelessly working on our behalf. Special thanks to Doctors Without Borders and United Colors of Cancer.

The Arts

We are nothing without the arts. As such, we amplify the appreciation of the enduring and expanding Black Arts Movement by celebrating afrocentric, afrofuturistic, and vibranium infused writers, musicians, painters, sculptors, poets, dancers, composers, digital artisans, and performers of African descent. You know how we do it…  


We need bravery to embrace the brave new world, and it is our privilege to spotlight the tireless courage of our brothers and sisters in this space. Much respect to the experts and advocates in Black in Robotics, and especially to the passionate and unceasing public service of our sister, Dr. Carlotta Berry.  We see you and hear you.

"And thank you, fellow wayfarers, for joining us in the pure vibranium circle."


We rejoice in our opportunity to learn from, and bring more attention to, the Pan-African griots, elders, professors, and truth tellers enlightening the Diaspora, and infusing us with wisdom. We are thankful for platforms like Black Perspectives, Reconstruction, and Sheba’s Jewels, and, of course, the NY Africa Center, the London Africa Centre, the Schomburg Center, and the Museum of the African Diaspora. And we will never forget our brothers and sisters at Dartmouth and Cal. Go, Bears! Go, Big Green!

Artificial Intelligence

The inevitable arrival of artificial super intelligence is enough to strike fear and dread into the most rational among us. To navigate the challenges and cultural complexities inherent in the development of machine learning, we rely on organizations like Black in AI, NSBC, and Black Women in Artificial Intelligence. And, of course, our sister, Timnit Gebru, 

Venture Capital

We accept the irrefutable promise and untapped power of enlightened venture capital. We are grateful for organizations like BLCK VC, and openly root for industry-altering, money-moving firms like Harlem Capital, Rare Breed Ventures, Backstage Capital, 1863 Ventures, The Highland Project, Visible Hands, and many more. As they already know, SKY IS BLACK…and green.

"I would say, dear listener, that as we begin to instantiate a real-world Wakanda, that real-world place where we can just be…"

What We Value

Our Children

We are building the proverbial road to Wakanda so our children, and the entire next generation, can casually march in. This is not a game for us...

Our Global Village

With one shared planet, it is imperative, more than ever, to join hands and hearts, all around the world. One love, one aim, one destiny...

Connecting Dots

With so much info at our fingertips, we have the unprecedented opportunity to put our timeless and present wisdom to work. And so we will...

Money Moves

We want the entire African Diaspora to have more money, resources, and wealth, so that we can collectively do more good. Dollar, dollar bill, y'all...

Doers & Dreamers

Bill Gates envisioned the Windows operating system long before he made it a reality. We honor and celebrate all phases of the visionary's journey.

Walking the Talk

We are having one epic conversation for one epic purpose: building and believing our way home. But we can't just talk about it - we have to be about it.

"And why should you care?"

"Because frankly, we're all in it together. And if we're actually going to make it, we have to be working on all cylinders."

What We're Doing


We join countless storytellers of African descent who have tales that deserve to be told. On the big screen.


Serial stories, animated tales, and documentaries for days. Yeah, we've got that. And home and garden fare, too.


SKY IS BLACK and YEAR OF UJAMAA are only the beginning. Keep your eyes open, and your ears open, for more to come.


The first title in the SKY IS BLACK anthology drops in 2023, with annual additions, and other new works, to follow.


We won't spoil the surprise, but let's just say we have something very, VERY vibranius in the works. Get all your popcorn ready.

Travel & Tours

The world is ours, and there are lots of Wakanda suburbs to enjoy. Together. Aint no party like a SKY IS BLACK party.

The Philosophy and Practice of Infinite Sankofaism

Yeah, we said it.  It’s a thing now.

"History, as nearly no one seems to know, is not merely something to be read. And it does not refer, merely, or even principally, to the past. On the contrary, the great force of history comes from the fact that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways, and history is literally present in all that we do.”
James Baldwin
Author, Truth Teller
sankofa - pinky peach

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