SKY IS BLACK is a Pan-African, future-facing platform, amplifying the voices and efforts of Blacks in business, science, education, the arts, technology, medicine, A.I., and venture capital. 

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Check out our empowering companion podcast, Year of Ujamaa. Ujamaa means cooperative economics in Swahili, and BC and Anton have taken on the challenge of supporting black-owned businesses as much as they possibly can. “It’s not easy,” they have found. “But we do believe, and hope to prove, that there is a black-owned company that can handle almost everything we need. Where is the black-owned coffee shop? Where is the black-owned doughnut shop? Where is the black-owned appliance store? Where is the black-owned hotel? We know some of these answers, but there is still so much to discover, and put into practice. Because that’s where Ujamaa begins for us - with information. As they say, ‘Knowledge is power.’”


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Remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within.” ― Ruha Benjamin



Who is in the SKY IS BLACK Hall of Fame of Artists? For us, an entire wing must be dedicated to our brother and breathtaker, FANUEL LEUL. If you haven't se ...

Just Phenomenal

We are enthralled with author-architect Lesley Lokko. And with good reason. She is the founder of the African Futures Institute, which has a mission to transfo ...

SPOTLIGHT: Aisha Nyandoro

Aisha Nyandoro is Chief Executive Officer of Springboard To Opportunities, gaining national attention, in part, for being the designer of Magnolia Mother's Tru ...

We’re Coming Home!

Some of us, at least. On June 13, the Smithsonian Institution voted to return a portion of Benin's artistic heritage to Nigeria. Their statement reads: ...

It’s one thing when black people aren’t discussed in world history. Fortunately, teams of dedicated historians and culture advocates have chipped away at the propaganda often functioning as history for the world’s students to eradicate that glaring error. But when, even in the imaginary future—a space where the mind can stretch beyond the Milky Way to envision routine space travel, cuddly space animals, talking apes, and time machines—people can’t fathom a person of non-Euro descent a hundred years into the future, a cosmic foot has to be put down." ― Ytasha L. Womack



Rashiq is an urbanist and the founder and director of Our Future Cities. Our Future Cities works with communities, governments, and business to create more vis ...

Freetown. Really?

A very important story from the New York Times regarding the future of Sierra Leone. Communities will decide for themselves whether or not to engage in mining ...

Black Homes Matter

In the big picture, the development of affordable housing is critical for the global, Pan-African community. We will continue to highlight key players, and ke ...

Cash Rules Everything

One of the primary objectives of SKY IS BLACK is to empower entrepreneurs of African descent.  We believe venture capital has a HUGE role to play in fulfilling ...

Making BAD

We revere Malene Barnett and the Black Artists + Designers Guild. What's not to love? Malene Barnett founded BADG in 2018 to create a space where Black artists ...

The African Skyline

The future of Addis, preserving contemporary architecture, and signature Ethiopian design were just some of the issues we discussed with architect and professo ...

There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.” - Octavia Butler

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And how dare I disrespect that history, profane all my ancestors’ suffering and struggles, by giving up the freedom to imagine that they’ve won for me.” N.K. Jemisin

"Never forget.  Never, ever forget...who we are."