Anton and BC discuss singularity, Facebook’s metaverse, and the “inevitable” confrontation between humanity and artificial intelligence.


Cafe de Leche
Avocados from Mexico
Space 1999
Matrix Resurrections
11-Year-Old Caden Harris Purchases A School Bus To Serve As A Mobile Financial Literacy Center For Kids – AfroTech
Double Dutch Bus (official music video)
Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora
Black Food Futures
Kenya’s Twiga raises $50M to scale food solutions across Africa
Google, NYT Unite For Diverse Skin Tones in Digital Storytelling
Image equity: How Google is ensuring all skin tones look their best with new Pixel 6 camera
Black in AI Conference – December 10, 2021
Women in Machine Learning
UCLA & Amazon on Science Hub for Humanity & Artificial Intelligence
Black In Robotics
ETHIOPIA / FACEBOOK incitement of violence
Washington Post: “According to one 2020 summary, although the United States comprises less than 10 percent of Facebook’s daily users, the company’s budget to fight misinformation was heavily weighted toward America, where 84 percent of its “global remit/language coverage” was allocated. Just 16 percent was earmarked for the “Rest of World,” a cross-continent grouping that included India, France and Italy.”
Facebook -> Meta
Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes
The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence
60 Minutes:
Yuval Noah Harari on the power of data, artificial intelligence and the future of the human race
China’s Strategic Aims in Africa
Hearing Transcript
NY Times: Censorship, Surveillance and Profits: A Hard Bargain for Apple in China
A penny a day, doubled, for 30 days
In Just 4 Hours, Google’s AI Mastered All The Chess Knowledge in History
How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did
Digitocracy, by Any Weir
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
NASA: Voyager
Ray Kurzweil
Embedding ethics in computer science curriculum
How the Computer Science Department is teaching ethics to its students
Hippocratic Oath
Issac Asimov’s Robot Series
Three Laws of Robotics
The Trolley Problem
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
― Arthur C. Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry Into the Limits of the Possible
God and robots: Will AI transform religion? – BBC News
Digital Sovereignty
Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey
Women Can Code – as Long as No One Knows They’re Women
UN urges moratorium on use of AI that imperils human rights
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
ICYMI: WIRED (Opinion): Americans Need a Bill of Rights for an AI-Powered World
OSTP Announces Public Events in November to Engage the American Public in National Policymaking about AI and Equity
Raid Commercials

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