Rashiq is an urbanist and the founder and director of Our Future Cities. Our Future Cities works with communities, governments, and business to create more visionary urban living spaces. You can follow Rashiq on Twitter @rashiqfataar, and learn more at

Freetown. Really?

A very important story from the New York Times regarding the future of Sierra Leone. Communities will decide for themselves whether or not to engage in mining and other projects. Learn more here:

Black Homes Matter

In the big picture, the development of affordable housing is critical for the global, Pan-African community. We will continue to highlight key players, and keep this movement in the center of our single, ongoing cultural conversation…

And will we ever see the speculative realm called Akon City? Most are doubting it, but click here to learn more about the bold vision that has yet to materialize…

Cash Rules Everything

One of the primary objectives of SKY IS BLACK is to empower entrepreneurs of African descent.  We believe venture capital has a HUGE role to play in fulfilling our individual and collective aspirations.  We are thankful for the team at BLCK VC – congratulations, Mandy!  – and will continue to showcase all of their work, programs, reports, and efforts.  They are who we are…

Making BAD

We revere Malene Barnett and the Black Artists + Designers Guild. What’s not to love? Malene Barnett founded BADG in 2018 to create a space where Black artists and designers are invited to thrive, connect, and collaborate. Needless to say, they will continue to be featured in our pure vibranium conversation…

As an artist and activist, Malene is an authority on the cultural traditions and practices of art in the African diaspora. She centers her own creative practice on the modern black experience, using traditional and contemporary methods and materials to bridge the function of textiles and ceramics from the African region in ways that explore what it means to be black in America today.

Malene is on the board for CERF+, an organization that provides emergency loans to artisans and craftspeople during natural disasters. Her entrepreneurial spirit was captured in the NY Times bestselling book In the Company of Women, and she has appeared as a guest speaker on Morning Joe, MSNBC Your Business, and TEDx. In 2019, she was awarded designer of the year by interiors + sources Magazine and the RADD Award (Real Estate, Architecture, Design Development) from

Say Her Name, Say Her Name

During the podcast, we’ve mentioned a few talks from renown architect, Mariam Kamara. See and hear for yourself why the former David Adjaye protégé is making a powerful name for herself…

Mariam Kamara at the African Futures Institute:

Mariam Kamara at Harvard University:

Amharic for All

What African language will you learn? Even if you already speak one, there’s always joy in learning something new. For those interested in Amharic, one of the oldest and most spoken languages in Africa, consider the online Amharic Academy. Classes are affordable, self-paced, and fortified with additional resources. To learn more, and enroll, you can get started here.